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Jens Wedin

Design Coach & Advisor

I Think. I Do. I Learn.

I know nothing. And yet I know all. When I fail, I learn. I do what I love. Design is bloody hard but still, very easy. Complex. Beautiful. Good looking. Clean. Awesome. Delightful. Lovely. Cool. Fun. Strategic. Comfortable. Appealing. Simple. Easy. Understandable. Elegant. Usable. Friendly. Human.

My idea of great design means great value for the user & customer. And still great value for the business. By understanding the people, their life and their dreams, by knowing where they are and how they use it, you can create amazing experiences.

I know nothing, yet I know all. I know that to create those super dandy services you need a great team of people who understand design, business & technology. I know that a great team needs a flexible design process to create success. My success, your success & the users success.

I Think. I Do. I Learn.

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People say

“Jens and I spent time together building an agile team delivering a critical project for a customer. Having Jens on the team was one of the key factors for the project success. In his warm and calm manner, he guides the Product Owners and developers through the design journey and manage a smooth agile requirement flow from idea to acceptance. Jens is very skilled in UX, analyzing user behaviors and design thinking, and he always share his knowledge in a generous way. I highly recommend Jens.” – Håkan Appelgren, Citerus

“Jens has the rare and important ability to link between theory and practice. He is a great inspirer, a good listener and focuses constantly on striking the right balance between users and our business needs and goals. Last but not least, Jens always delivers good and thorough documentation. It has been a great pleasure working with Jens.” – Michael Rosager, Nordea

“Jens is the kind of guy you feel confident having on your team/company. He is efficient and quick but still dares to try new ways for creating or exploring user experiences. He is curios with great knowledge of what happens in the tech community and how it affects us as designers. I think that is part of what makes Jens confident and great in what he does, and why many of us go to Jens for advice.” – Mattias Mårtensson, owner Antrop