Hi there, I’m Jens

I work with product, design, leadership and organization. I coach, train, challenge and visualize

I help you build the right product the right way.

I have 20 years of experience in the product and service field.

My values are kindness, trust, growth mindset, challenge with a ❤️ and openness and change by doing.

I write and produce a podcast.

My latest clients are Fortnox, White Arkitekter, Avanza Bank, AMF, Berghs School of Communi­cation, Försäkrings­kassan, Site­Vision, Swed­bank, Umeå Energi, Visma, TUI, Svenska Spel, SL, Ericsson, Handels­­banken, Scandic, Nordea, Skatte­verket, Pensions­­myndigheten, Postnord and Riks­poli­s­styrelsen

Contact me at
+46 79 336 29 10 or

Jens has extensive knowledge and experience of how to work with design in large organizations. Jens can challenge the organization with new thoughts and a high level of ambition, which is an important characteristic of a design leader — Peter Olovsson

If you ask me who to go to in Sweden when you want learn about design, from the highest strategic level to practical implementation in core teams, it’s Jens Wedin — Emil Vikström

Jens is really good to have close to you if you want to make a big change. I think his best capabilities are that he is good at coaching and advice leaders – Danielle Burström