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When I fail, I learn. I do what I love. Design is bloody hard but still, very easy. Complex. Beautiful. Good looking. Clean. Awesome. Delightful. Lovely. Cool. Fun. Clutter-free. Comfortable. Appealing. Simple. Easy. Understandable. Elegant. Usable. Friendly.

My idea of great design means great value for the human, customer & user. And still great value for the business. By understanding the people, their life and their dreams, you can create amazing experiences.

I use design to solve problems. I have experience in product & service design, product leadership, digital & agile transformation and training & education.

I Think. I Do. I Learn.

What I do

I work as a design coach helping companies grow their design and product capability. Some of the services I offer (through SeventyOne Consulting) are

  • Design Coach helping individuals, teams and leaders grow their own or the company design capability
  • Product Discovery Coach helping teams be better at Discovery & Delivery
  • Innovation Coach helping companies on a strategic, tactical and operative level create an inovations system
  • Product Coach helping product owners and managers to create better products
  • Leadership and Transformation Coach helping companies in different transformations like design, innovation and agile.
  • Training and education in design thinking, innovation, product discovery, lean ux, agile, design leadership, design operations and product leadership

A few brands I worked with


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What people are saying

Jens has extensive knowledge and experience of how to work with design in large organizations. Jens can challenge the organization with new thoughts and a high level of ambition, which is an important characteristic of a design leader. With his calm and confident approach Jens is very good at building trust and create a foundation for change. Jens is also an inspiring, caring and positive colleague that I enjoy working with. I highly recommend Jens!

As a natural evolution of agile methods, I believe that user experience, design thinking and interaction design is the new edge for companies that want to keep up. How to integrate these methods and thinking into your core value creating teams is a key strategic question in the coming years. If you ask me who to go to in Sweden when you want learn about it, from the highest strategic level to practical implementation in core teams, it’s Jens Wedin.

I worked with Jens during his 2,5 years at Handelsbanken. As a start he was a part of my management group for digital services in Sweden and came with the mindset that nothing is impossible to do. He started to spread user experience wider within the organization and got both employees and leaders to open their eyes for this knowledge. He was one of the initiators to scale up the agile way of work with a customer centric focus within the bank, and he started to work with this globally with all of the banks home markets. In an big bank who worked in a certain way for a long time, it’s not an easy task to take but he did it excellent. He is really good to have close to you if you want to make a big change. I think his best capabilities are that he is good at coaching and advice leaders and you feel that you can always trust him (and of course not just feel, you can). He has a humble way of communicating with all kinds of people, both from business to IT to different personality types. And he truly wants to make the best decisions and have always done a lot of research in the subjects. So, I can highly recommend Jens!

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